Fake News or Not.


(BB News Bureau) Due to an identification snafu, with no one seemingly at fault, two new anchors at ESPN were elevated to senior positions at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

Confusion came with the "MLB" designation for Bartorillo's firm, and possible links by Beekman to his role as undercover Communications Advocate for the New York Mets. The stage was set for confusion and chaos, but all ran smoothly by airtime.

Here, Bartorillo throws focus back to on Beekman for a feature story on injuries plaguing the Mets titled "The blame game--who's lame...or what?"


Pictured above John Bartorillo, former head of MLB Advertising & Brand Management, and Will Beekman, former director of the Kirby Center for the Performing Arts, Wilkes-Barre PA, at their new posts as news anchors for ESPN.



Also shown is Bartorillo's concept for re-introducing the original ESPN logo as part of a retro branding move. He pitched the exciting concept that the logo, inked to the left deltoid of all major league players, would create a branding firestorm and provide a platform for the the old-school reemergence of the ESPN brand. (Surveyed players were initially unimpressed.) A regretful Beekman was the first to “Ink-up,” but declined to reveal the tat (see below).


The confusion was finally rectified when executive David Mehall of Times-Shamrock Communications identified Beekman and Bartorillo as participants in the tour of the studio and were quickly ushered off the stage before live broadcast began. No parties were injured in this mishap. MLB Advertising has officially apologized for any confusion that may have been generated by this event.

A top spokesperson in the world-leading sports communications field resisted the cliché of "guys, don't quit your day jobs" but added that Bartorillo should seriously consider an alternate vocation, (given his present position in marketing and branding) "possibly in the automotive or home furniture sales field." Beekman silently nodded his head, acknowledging that recommendation.

According to an ESPN official, “There is still no word on when this whole misunderstanding will be made into a “This is SPORTSCENTER” commercial. Please stay tuned."